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Assisted living for island seniors could be at LeoPalace

Magas Patriot Guam

It’s been in the works for years and it appears there’s new developments over efforts with assisted living housing on Guam. Dr. Vince Akimoto says he is teaming-up with the LeoPalace Resort Guam and other stakeholders to begin discussions on how to move forward with the need for senior housing.

“It’s been an exciting couple of years as we’ve been developing this concept of senior housing for the people of Guam,” said the physician. “And as we move forward, the LeoPalace Resort’s managers have enlightened us as to some of their ambitions. They’ve already undergoing a very impressive renovation of their properties to meet the new modern standards and they’ve asked us to be consultants to see whether or not we can bring some of our new medical expertise to senior housing up at the LeoPalace.”

The meeting is being called “an afternoon tea” and will feature seniors along with stakeholders from the government and private sector. Dr. Akimoto is part of the Magas Group, an independent organization from the American Medical Center spearheading the efforts.

The event is set for Wednesday at 4:30pm at the Zefiro Ballroom.


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